Custom Built Software to show Trustpilot reviews on AutoTrader.

The task was how can AutoTrader clients that are using Trustpilot to collect their customer feedback, showcase them on their AutoTrader profile. We built a bespoke engine that using both companies API’s pulls the reviews from Trustpilot and pushes them to the AutoTrader profiles. This was not a straight forward task as both platforms require certain pre set requirements to be met. But we built the system with a backend portal where Trustpilot account managers can add new dealerships and AutoTrader can keep an eye on the stats around how many reviews and who is showing review. This created another selling point for both companies, as they could offer this feature to their platforms!


API development
PHP development


Trustpilot feature 2018


AutoTrader & Trustpilot


Jan 2018 to Present

Bloomsbury Invest
PlayBrave Sports