Organic Search Engine Optimisation

The most cost effective and long lasting way to win online is by having a proven organic search engine optimisation strategy. We’ve had over 10 years experience with SEO and we are fully up to date with the current practices. When SEO is done right, your customers will find your website on the first page of the search engine results – such as Google or Bing – when they are searching for a service or product that you are offering.

As SEO is such a specialist practice, typically business owners or marketing managers don’t have the training, know-how or time to make this happen. Uniq Creative is here to help with the best search engine optimisation packages.

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Effective Search Engine Optimisation

Our aim is to build your website strength and page rankings with sustainable organic search engine optimisation services that will in turn bring high quality customers to your website. Our focus is on ethical and long lasting techniques to develop your website’s search authority. It’s time to say goodbye to a dysfunctional website that nobody visits, and say hello to a high converting website producing a steady stream of fresh leads.


  • Exec Summary
  • Full scale keyword research
  • Detailed technical audit
  • Bullet points for technical optimisation
  • Upgrade website structure
  • Write content and publish it on a website
  • Backlinks from high authority websites in your niche
  • Weekly technical SEO monitoring

Content Strategy

Keyword Clustering & Topical Authority
To determine the most appropriate content strategy for your website, Uniq Creative looks at the intersection of the keywords your Ideal Customer Persona (ICPs) Googles, alongside the difficulty & search volume associated with those keywords. We identify your ICP Google keywords by using interviewing you and analysing your organic competitors.

In essence, Uniq Creative discovers stability between your business requirements and Search Engine Optimisation opportunities to create your target keyword list.

Most SEO agencies stop here with research and begin to create content

Uniq Creative goes one step further & uses our keyword clustering methodology that maximizes the Topical Authority of your website.

For most businesses, the target keywords you want are currently out of scope. Even if you built a great content that was better than the other articles that show up on page 1, it wouldn’t rank. This is because your website lacks Topical Authority.

You build Topical Authority via getting Google to faith your website as a reliable source, thereby receiving traffic for semantically similar keywords. Uniq Creative helps you achieve this topical authority by using identifying the primary topics behind target keyword and building keyword clusters.
Uniq Creative targets one cluster at a time, starting with the keyword clusters that are easiest to drive traffic to. In order to target your website cluster, our team writes content that matches the search objective of your primary keywords.
As you rank for more keywords, cluster by cluster your brand’s Topical Authority increases, and with it, the likelihood that you will rank for your dream keywords.

Content Structure

Maximise your online impact with expertly crafted content structure. Elevate your website’s visibility and engagement by employing a strategic layout that captivates both readers and search engines. Our meticulous approach ensures seamless readability while integrating crucial keywords for enhanced discoverability. By organizing headings, subheadings, and content body with precision, we optimise your content’s potential to rank higher in search results.

All our content pieces follow a consistent structure which:

  • Helps users answer their search queries the fastest
  • Maximises the chances of being in a Google Featured Snippet
  • Establish expertise authority and trust
  • Improve conversion rates with demand gen
  • Build brand affinity and loyalty

Typical features of our content pieces include:

  • Summary / Key Points
  • Headings
  • Bullet Points
  • Tables
  • Images
  • Videos
  • FAQs
  • Call to Actions
  • Conclusions

Backlink Strategy

Backlinks occur when other domains/websites contain hyperlinks to your website.

Getting backlinks is an essential part of your SEO strategy. The more 3rd parties you consider as a Topical Authority in this area, the more likely Google is to rank higher in search rankings.

Uniq Creative already has relationships with over 1,000 domains in various niches of health, wellness, finance, business, and technology. Before securing backlinks for your website, we tested the performance of all of these domains on our websites.

When Uniq Creative receives a backlink to your site, we write unique and informative content for the third-party publishing website and naturally include a hyperlink to your website in the content. This technique increases the effectiveness of the backlink.

Technical Strategy

Every website faces unique technical challenges that can prevent it from ranking higher on the Search Engine.

There are hundreds of technical SEO factors that affect your website’s ranking. By analysing your website and running regular technical audit reports, we have complete insight into all of these elements.

Our speciality is identifying the 20% technical SEO fixes that drive 80% of your keyword ranking results. The time spent on SEO development is minimal with proper targeting. That’s why Uniq Creative can work with your development team to ensure tasks get done on time.

Basically, it works because we stay in constant contact with your development team. However, our internal resources can help you with development tasks if you lack internal resources.

Each time the team rolls out an SEO patch, we re-run our analysis and update our list of priority actions, creating a continuous feedback loop. This responsive approach ensures your site is always up-to-date and doesn’t miss any important SEO fixes that could hurt its ranking and traffic.

Technical SEO Audit

  • Internal pages: 404, 500, HTTPS/HTTP, Timed Out
  • Indexability: canonical, nofollow tags, robots.txt
  • Links: canonical, HTTPS/HTTP, redirects, nofollow tags
  • Redirects: 301, 302, Redirect chains, Redirect loops, HTTPS/HTTP
  • Content: H1, title, description, multiple meta tags, missing or empty meta tags
  • Social tags: Open Graph, Twitter card
  • Duplicates: Duplicate pages without canonical
  • Localisation: Hreflang, HTML Lang attribute, X-default, self-reference
  • Performance: HTML file size, CLS, FID, LCP, Speed
  • Images: Broken, redirected, HTTPS/HTTP, file size too large
  • JavaScript: Broken, redirected, HTTPS/HTTP, 404
  • CSS: Broken, redirected, HTTPS/HTTP, file size too large, 404
  • Other: 301, 404, 500, non-canonical page receives organic traffic
  • Robots.txt, sitemap.xml


  • Collect all the current keywords
  • Set up the keyword ranking monitoring system
  • Set up tech monitoring tools

Website Structure Audit

  • Does the website have all the necessary landing pages?
  • Does the website have a blog or an article’s category?
  • Keyword cannibalisation
  • Pages without internal links
  • Curated navigation menu
  • Clear call to action
  • Authentic about page
  • Accessible contact page
  • HTML Sitemap
  • Empty pages

Technical optimization

  • Create a list of problems
  • Create a list of tasks to solve those problems
  • Prioritise tasks based on potential SEO effect
  • Sent easy-to-implement bullet points to the tech team
  • Check if everything was executed correctly
  • Analyse the results and changes in Google rankings
  • Create a new list of tasks based on previous results

Google Search Console & Analytics Setup

  • XML Sitemap
  • Indexation
  • International Targeting
  • Robots.txt
  • Conversions and leads

Website Speed & Performance Optimization

  • Check page speed
  • Core Web Vitals
  • Check how current speed affects ranking
  • Find the best way to improve speed
  • Assess mobile-friendliness
  • Cache-control
  • Audit server response time
  • Reduce redirects
  • Integrate AMP
  • Remove unnecessary CSS and plugins
  • Minify CSS, JavaScript, and HTML
  • Optimize images
  • Send a list of tasks to the tech team

Monthly Reporting

There’s no denying that optimising a website for search engines does take time. We are always accountable to our customers for the search engine optimisation work we do and each month you will get files that contain what’s been completed on your bespoke campaign. The keyword improvements, traffic reports, lead generation, link building, blog posts etc.

We can also advise on the Conversion Rate Optimisation of your website to make sure that traffic that is getting to your website has the best chance of converting.

How important is it for your business to get more targeted leads from Google, Bing and Yahoo? Uniq Creative is here to help, we have a range of SEO packages to suit all business sizes.

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Contact Uniq Creative for an initial SEO Audit and proposal for Search Engine Optimisation services. We have a range of SEO packages and plans to suit all businesses, once we learn more about your business we can suggest what would be the most suitable.  Contact us to get the ball rolling!

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At the beginning of our engagement, Uniq Creative will request access to Google Analytics, Google Search Console, your CMS admin panel and any tone of voice / ICP documents you have.
Uniq Creative will run an in-depth technical analysis and create a list of tasks for your team to execute. You will also receive weekly technical audits on data points on internal pages, indexability, links, redirects, content, social tags, duplicates, localisation, performance, images, JavaScript, CSS, and more.
Uniq Creative will make a first month’s content plan for your approval, after which we will begin writing content as soon as possible. We will send the first couple of content pieces to you to approve the tone of voice/branding before scaling & either uploading content as we write or sending it to your technical team once complete.