Experts in Pay Per Click Marketing

Uniq Creative are an extremely experienced Google Ads (AdWords) PPC agency based in Somerset. We run and manage Google pay per click advertising campaigns for a wide range of companies. Whether it’s high growth ecommerce or local business enquiries you need we can put in place a strategy to achieve your goals. When potential customers use a search engine we get your adverts in front of them. Since most of people’s time is spent reading or watching what interests them, not always searching, there are other ways to reach your customers. With display ads, shoppings, adverts on YouTube and on mobile apps. Our team of experts can put together a plan to suit your goals and budgets.

Google Search Ads

We build targeting Google Search campaigns these are usually found displayed above, below and to the right of the search results.

Uniq Creative PPC campaigns include:

– Finding the keywords customers search
– Writing persuasive ad copy
– Creating the landing pages people visit after clicking
– Managing the price you pay for clicks
– Getting the most out of your budget
– Achieve conversions or sales

Google Shopping Ads

We specialise in e-commerce and are experts in driving high conversion rates and profitable shopping ad campaigns for retailers and e-commerce businesses. Using your product catalogue we can show all your products to relevant people when they are shopping online. We use an app or plugin to push your product feed into Google and then optimise it from there to make it easier for Google to use that information to improve visibility, clicks and conversions.


One of the best ways of marketing is to people who have already engaged with your website or social media. We can make more of your traffic by showing adverts specifically to people who have previously visited your website by showing them across the Google Display Network. To try and get them back onto your website to check out.

Google Adword Campaign Management

Google Ads (AdWords) campaigns can help with the typical marketing challenges such as pausing awareness and encouraging people to try or buy your products or services. Once we’ve got an understanding of your business, our account management team can create and build out any campaign to support and deliver your business goals.

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