Bespoke Shopify Build

We developed a bespoke Shopify site for Robert Gatward Jewellers. Successfully migrating them from an out of date Magento platform onto Shopify and then building out the Shopify site to suit their needs. During this process we drastically improved the site design and device optimisation.

We also built a bespoke inventory management system to allow items to be tracked across multiple retail shop locations. They can then be sold online and the individual stores notified to send out the order.

Another large part of this project was working with Rolex to build out and integrate with their systems, to allow the Rolex products and micro site to be shown within the main RGJ site. Also integrating Rolex’s tracking and cookie requirements.

The new website has been well received and we are continuing to work on a retainer basis for ongoing updates and development work. With a new POS system project coming in the phase 2 work.


So What’s Next?

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