Pottd is a fun and quirky pottery kit company and we are extremely happy with the end results of this project, it’s never easy trying to do something a little outside the box but we’ve executed this project well, a new creative design has been implemented as well as a lot of custom backend development work to have get around some of Shopify’s limitations when selling products globally. We designed a totally new site for Pott’d to match their quirky branding, we also incorporated our conversion rate optimisation knowledge when doing this to make sure it not only looked great, but performed even better! Once desktop and mobile mock ups were signed off, our in-house development team custom built all the sections on Shopify to accurate reflect the responsive mock-up designs. As a phase 2 for this project we also carried a successful project to move from 5 individual Shopify sites to 1 account using Shopify markets, translations and a clever redirect strategy to mitigate any SEO loss moving to getpottd.com domain name. If you would like to discuss your own Shopify requirements then please contact us using the form below and we will get back in touch right away!

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