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Tea Thing

Feb, 2016

Tea Thing came to Uniq Creative with an idea to sell a Japanese tea called Matcha tea. They had the produce but needed the branding for the labels, a logo, a website and all the marketing required to make sales.


The Tea Thing website is a simple but effective website that has a high conversion rate. You can take a look at that here: Tea Thing

Logo Design

We designed a smart logo for Tea Thing.

Product Labels

We designed 3 sets of labels for the front and back of the tins.


Instagram is our main focus for marketing for Tea Thing, we were able to take them from scratch to 2,500 followers in just a couple of weeks with engagement per post of 50 - 100. As health and fitness consumers love Instagram it is the perfect place to reach those customers. We also manage the Google Adwords for them.


We also organised the photography for Tea Thing, working with a great photography studio we have used many times before. Here is one of the shots...