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Maya Capital

January, 2016

Maya Capital is a pan-European investment advisory firm focused on real estate and growth equity opportunities. Maya Capital develops sophisticated and proprietary investment strategies on behalf of professional investors. They launched in the early part of 2014 and put together a make shift website on Wix (a build it yourself website maker). This served a purpose but needed to get something more professional as they grew. Unfortunately, the budget wasn't there for a ground up build, something they want to do later down the line. So, Uniq Creative designed a nice looking website within the constraights of the Wix builder.


Maya Capital were happy with the website produced and it was significately better than the orginal. We also re-made a lost logo for them.

“Uniq creative was recommended to Maya via a mutual contact. Uniq creative helped reshape our website aesthetically as well as facilitate the addition of a significant amount of extra content. They were very approachable during the initial stages and in kept us updated throughout the process. We were extremely satisfied with the speed of service and the end product exceeded expectations.” Nicolas Duleroy, Partner at Maya Capital


Maya also had some design requirements, they needed to produce a brochure to act as a marketing collateral for a real estate sale. This is something that we do quite regularly at Uniq Creative. The only twist here was that it need to be done in 3 days and needed to be in the form of a powerpoint to be edited by Maya Cap. Maya provided the content and a brochure they liked the look of and we cracked on with the brochure. Both parties were happy with the end product.

You can take a look at their new website here: Maya Capital