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Beaufort & Blake

2013 - 2015

Where do we start with this one... It has been a great journey working with Beaufort and Blake. We have helped in many aspects of the business, Logo and Icon design, Social Media, Website, Graphic Design. You name it, we have done it on this project.


You can see a snapshop of the website below, I hope you agree that it is a fantastic looking site and it has been producing good results. Beaufort and Blake being a luxury but fun brand made it difficult to encapsulate, never the less we feel this has been done well.
Explore the site further here.


You can a photo here of the logo we designed and also the powerful elephant icon, which has gone down well with customers.

Social Media

Given the unique nature of Beaufort and Blake's orginal product, the more generic marketing methods wouldn't have worked well. What has worked well, has been social marketing. We have been managing the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts for Beaufort and Blake and using this as the core marketing strategy. Yielding fantastic results, especially with the new strategy to engage customers via instagram.

Email Marketing

We have been designing monthly email newsleters for them for a year or so, as the customer base is growing this is becoming an increasing effectively marketing technique. We have developed a strategy that is now producing sales after every mail shot.